Unexpected Encounters

The event series on collaboration and climate change!

Unexpected encounters

How do we feel, talk, see, embody and agree on climate change?

Foundation We AreSocial Design Showdown and Pakhuis de Zwijger will host a series of talks as part of this design research programme. During these events we invite various inspiring speakers who work in different domains to set up unexpected encounters to find out how to make sense of climate change and find ways to work together. During this first episode, we will invite psychologists, scientists and activists to talk about what they feel when it comes to climate change. How do we begin to interpret climate change and what position can we take? How does it feel? How do we want to feel? How should we feel?

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Unexpected Encounters #4

Date: 20 June, 2024 | 19:00-21:00
Location: Foundation We Are, Eindhoven 


How do we embody climate change?

During this fourth episode, we will invite Designers, Musicians and researchers to talk about the way we embody climate change. This discussion seeks to understand the intersections of artistic expression and environmental awareness, fostering a dialogue that illuminates the transformative potential of movement and design in the face of the evolving climate narrative.
How do our bodies relate to notions of extinction or unfamiliar weather? What compositions or architectures become necessary to ease us into these unfamiliar conditions?


van Tol

As lecturer and PhD candidate at Wageningen University, Reineke studies the relational nature of humans in the world and its implications for nature conservation and caring coexistence on this planet. Her work starts from a posthumanist, eco-feminist lens, decentralising and reflecting on our conceptualisations of (the rest of) nature, our position in this complex web of interrelationships and the agency of non-human beings in the web. She is currently working on a PhD on relational, transformative learning practices in 'wild' learning environments, situated in a fluid modern world facing climate change and biodiversity loss.



Yufei Gao is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher based in Eindhoven. Her socially engaged work attempts to bridge gaps, spark conversations, and evoke empathy through various storytelling methods. She conveys the narrative in mixed mediums, including writing, filmmaking, physical object, and more. Since graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2023, her focus has been on the relationship between human, non-human, and technology. Her graduation project 'Gaia, how are you today?' is a series of 3D-printed ceramic pots parametrically designed with weather data, with storytelling for environmental awareness as the main incentive.


Rafaele Andrade

Rafaele Andrade [Curitiba - Brazil, 1994] is a composer, improviser and cellist. She designed her own string-based instrument, Knurl, and has performed across Latin America and Europe in venues such as Royal Theater Carré (NE), Chigiana Music Festival (IT), Morphine records (DE), Gaudeamus (NL). Her artistic practice has focused on finding a sense of momentum-craftsmanship for music composition through the creation of her own instrument and artistic practice based on a cello, while working on projects and artwork that reveal social transformation and environmental awareness. She is a member of Netherlands coding Live (NL), iii workspace ( NL).

Unexpected Encounters #5

Date: 20 June, 2024 | 19:00-21:00
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

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How do we make agreements on climate change?

In this final encounter, policymakers, politicians, and diplomats are invited to discuss agreements on climate change. The dialogue aims to understand the intersections of governance and environmental responsibility, focusing on the potential of collaborative agreements. Participants will explore how international policies address climate change mitigation and adaptation to new conditions. The discussion will cover necessary diplomatic strategies and agreements for navigating global climate challenges, providing insights into effective responses and actions.

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