The research

How can design and science effectively work together on current societal challenges? During the Collaborations for Future programme we are analysing the collaborations to develop insights, tools and blueprints for future collaborations between science, policy and design. 

Chapter one

Common settings

Chapter one of this exploration is focused on creating a common setting, making ourselves familiar with the other person, and creating a shared and nuanced image of what ‘design’ and ‘science’ are all about.
This chapter is published in four thematic parts.

Social concerns

Part four

How does society view, value and relate to design and science?

25 March 2024

This is the fourth and final instalment of Chapter one. This time we zoom into the social conditions and emotional considerations that shape how, with whom and why we work on climate change. How society views, values and relates to design and science has a great impact on the professional career choices that individuals make, and therefore on the development of the fields. This much we learned from this first community meeting.